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PureData unique approach to data cleansing

Data cleansing or data scrubbing is the first step in the overall data preparation process. It is the process of analyzing, identifying and correcting messy, raw data. When, analyzing organizational data to make strategic decisions you must start with a thorough data cleansing process. Scrubbing data is crucial to data analysis. Good analysis rests on clean data it's as simple as that.

All too often organizations lack the attention and resources needed to perform data scrubbing to have an effect on the end result of analysis. Inadequate data cleansing and data preparation frequently allow inaccuracies to slip through the cracks. The lack of data scrubbing leading to inaccuracies is not the fault of the data analyst, but a symptom of a much larger problem of manual and siloed data cleansing and data preparation.

Beyond the lackluster and faulty analysis, the larger issue with traditional data cleansing and preparation is the amount of time it takes Forrester Research reports that up to 80% of an analyses time is spent on data cleansing and preparation. With so much time spent scrubbing data, it's understandable why this step is sometimes skipped over.

Data scrubbing made easier

Data cleansing can be difficult, but the solution doesn't need to be.We have created a new approach to data preparation that helps organizations get the most value out of their data with proper data scrubbing. With its visual, user-friendly interface,DigitoWork PureData software allows to scrub data of all shapes and sizes for sophisticated analysis. What was once the daunting and overwhelming task of data cleansing, is now made simple with DigitoWork.Now data scrubbing won't consume valuable time, and fewer inaccuracies can slip through the cracks.

With DigitoWork, and a PureData product for data cleansing and data preparation process, it's easy to remove or correct records that are inaccurate, missing, or corrupt, whether from a database, a table, or a set of records. This allows organizations to dramatically reduce their time spent on data cleansing, and leads to better, more accurate analysis. DigitoWork helps businesses reduce the amount of resources spent on data scrubbing. With an easier data scrubbing process, businesses are able to analyze more data and get more out of the analysis.

An array of our PureData management services

Our experts understand clearly that competent and valuable data handling can maximize profits of any business. Before implementing a process, we recognize your exact requirements and areas of data quality improvement. Once the concept is clear, we deliver strategies that make your data more useful in structured form. We offer a wide range of Pure Data management services that cover following areas:

  • Database Development: We support our clients in building databases of current and updated information via data entry and data mining services. Our professionals explore and extract required data as per your guidelines and deliver it to you in a prescribed format.
  • Indexing / Scanning Services: Our data management professionals help businesses for better document management. We can scan, index and store your documents for easy archiving and information retrieval. At DigitoWork, we can index a variety of documents based on your requirements.
  • Data Cleansing & Enrichment: To make your data consistent, we clean and standardize all records carefully. Also, we remove typos and spelling errors to improve quality of records.
  • Data Abstraction Services: With our data abstraction services, we decontaminate your critical databases and information records. The database abstraction service provided by us includes research and academic data abstraction, lease abstraction services, etc.
  • Data Analytics Services: Employing tested data analytic techniques; we help our clients to convert unstructured data into useful, insightful and handy information. With our quality data analysis support, you can cut-down your expenses and increase profits.
  • De-duplicate entries: We remove duplicate data or information from your databases and save storage space as well as unwanted marketing or management expenses.
  • Verify and validate database records: To ensure that the data is authentic, our data management experts carefully verify and validate information against all the reliable sources.

Why choose us for PureData management services?

By outsourcing data management services to us, you can leverage the benefit of cutting-edge technology and in-depth knowledge of our data specialists. We can comfortably handle diverse data management projects including data entry, data capturing, data mining, web research, data cleansing, data validation, scanning / indexing, data abstraction and data analytics. To ensure 99.9% accuracy in all deliveries, we employ double entry system and strict quality control processes.

With DigitoWork, you gain round-the-clock customer support and flexible pricing models such as hourly, fixed and dedicated. We provide complete data security or information confidentiality to our all world-wide clients and sign non-disclosure agreement with them. When you outsource data management services to us, we assign a dedicated project manager on your account for smooth project execution, better tasks tracking and communication.

PureData is a SAAS based tool developed by DigitoWork which has provided Out of the Box (OOTB) data validation rules and framework to kick start your data quality journey. PureData leverages industry best practices, latest technologies, efficient processes and trained team to deliver improved data quality.

The PureData tool is enabled through other supported PureData Engines & Accelerators. These accelerators are built on multitude of technologies consisting of JavaScript's, Python, CSS technologies, AWS. The engines don't store any data, it's a processing engine so it processes data and provide reports and needed outcomes. The engines can be deployed on Prem & Customized to suit specific laid down business and project outcomes.

At DigitoWork we give utmost importance to Data Security, we have data leak prevention tools on all our machines. All our employees and partners signs Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA) and are provided Data Compliance Training once in every 6 months. This helps in keeping the rigor around data security and enables a culture that promotes proper upkeep of customer supplied products.

You can CONTACT US at any time with queries regarding your data management outsourcing needs as we provide 24X7 customer support.