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DigitoWork – Smart IT Asset Management (ITAM) for Smart Companies

IT Asset Management

IT Asset Management is a set of business practices that support IT Asset life cycle management and strategic decision making for the IT environment. IT assets include all software and hardware contained in your organization's IT environment. The fact that the IT infrastructure is changing every day is probably undeniable. Every day new users are being added, deleted, or moving and those changes affect the IT assets hardware and software.

IT Asset Management (ITAM) at DigitoWork means providing an accurate account of technology asset lifecycle costs and risks to maximize the business value of technology strategy and sourcing decisions. For us IT Asset Management isn't just about inventorying assets, it about using the information that is captured to drive strategic and operational decisions. Increasingly, IT organizations are focusing on the usability and informational value of IT asset data to drive business value instead of just focusing on data quality and accuracy. We believe that Stronger IT Asset Management leads to faster roll out of Digital Transformation projects.

Here are some of the key goals of Asset Management in IT that we do:

  • Enforce compliance with corporate security policies and regulatory requirements
  • Improve productivity by deploying the technology to support user and business needs
  • Reduce licensing and support costs by eliminating or reallocating underutilized resources and licenses
  • Limit overhead costs of managing the IT environment
DigitoWork provides a roadmap for your esteem organization to:

  • Understand your ITAM objectives and build IT asset management requirements and execution strategy.
  • Quantify the total value of unused hardware and software applications. This helps optimize asset usage and cut down extra maintenance costs.
  • Assess the adverse impact of aging hardware on IT and avoid unprecedented losses. This helps you make decisions on new asset purchases and dispose or repair aging equipment.
  • Assess and minimize the IT Risks and Security Vulnerabilities on an ongoing basis.

With DigitoWork, you get these powerful features:

  • Constantly gather scanned data for all IT assets where an employee is deployed, listing installed software, existing vulnerabilities, and hardware details
  • Actionable information to detect a variety of issues, such as unauthorized software, outdated or non-existent licenses, or IT policy violations
  • Perform ad-hoc analysis and refine them using criteria like device location, OS version, CPU, or a particular vulnerability
  • Compatible with virtualized and cloud environments to track the constant proliferation of virtual images inside and outside your IT environment

We provide complete IT Asset, Compliance & Inventory Tracking solution that enables users to conduct comprehensive, cost-effective physical audits. We take the lead in your IT Asset Recovery and Disposition. We design and execute the recovery for your decommissioned assets without disrupting your workflow or burdening your staff. For IT Asset Management and disposition to be successful in meeting your goals, we identify your objectives and build a solution around your needs. DigitoWork works as an extension of your IT Asset Management team to execute and manage your IT asset management and disposition thus making your ITAM program rock solid.

DigitoWork will:

  • Determine your unique needs and priorities.
  • Create a custom IT Asset Management Program to fit your goals and timeline
  • Coordinate the timing, etiquette and recovery requirements with your site representatives.
  • Eliminate the burden on you for identifying and managing multiple vendor relationships.
  • Provide standardized electronic reporting across your global footprint to make Software Harvesting a breeze reclaim unused licenses and return money to your budget.
  • SLA Based Management & Reporting
  • Process Automation and Modernization
  • Alerting and Data Integration
  • Process Simplification
  • Metrics Driven Data Analytics and Decision Making

DigitoWork executes to continuously detect and protect your IT assets against cyber-attacks, whenever and wherever they occur.

Benefits of IT Asset Management:-
  • Informed Purchasing and Deployment Decisions
    A key benefit of IT asset management is to understand what IT assets you have and what they are being used for. Consistently maintaining accurate IT asset management data can help an organization evaluate past purchasing and deployment decisions and guide future actions. This includes selecting the best vendors based on not only purchase price but also product/service quality and post-sale support. IT asset management can also help improve software deployment decisions and avoid over-purchase of resources that are not needed.
  • Business Continuity
    Disasters and outages happen. IT asset and configuration data can help leaders and staff identify the impacts of outages on business and more confidently make decisions to restore services to users. Asset data can also be a valuable input to developing IT architectures that are robust and resilient to many situations.
  • License and Subscription Compliance
    One of the biggest challenges for modern IT organizations is tracking software licenses and cloud subscriptions. It is difficult for a company to identify IT Assets that they are paying for and not being used. Non-compliance is not only a legal and financial risk for the company but a potentially costly problem to remediate.
  • Total Cost of Ownership
    The cost of an IT asset is a lot more than just the purchase price that was paid to acquire it. For IT assets to create value, they must be operated, supported and maintained throughout their lifecycle. TCO is a measure of the overall cost of owning and operating an asset. Managing TCO effectively helps eliminate costs from duplication of assets or not using them after they are purchased.