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Data Services

As a true global data management leader, DigitoWork provides data-driven marketers with the most advanced contact data quality services available. Our PureData product ensure your data is properly standardized, corrected and validated for deliverability.

Whether your customer, supplier, hardware or software data, we offers the top most data quality services to meet your needs. Through our leading edge technology expertise, we can help you manage, maintain and process your valuable data. The data helps you ensuring accuracy, analyze the database in detail. This also ensures databases are optimized to return accurate results when utilized within data analytics and other business intelligence efforts.

At DigitoWork , we believe that data can make what is impossible today, possible tomorrow. We empower people to transform complex data into clear and actionable insights. The most valuable and transformative business use cases IoT-enabled predictive maintenance, genomics research, real-time compliance monitoring require multiple analytics workloads and data science tools and machine learning algorithms to run against the same diverse data sets. It's how the most innovative enterprises unlock value from their data and compete in the data age.

DigitoWork provides data visibility and sufficient insights, by:

  • Analytic workloads running independently as cloud data warehouses and data science tools are designed to work together.

  • Organizations need a new approach. We unlocks the power of your data to serve you better, operate with greater efficiency, and strengthen security to protect your business:
  • It is optimized for hybrid and multi-cloud environments, delivering the same data management capabilities across bare metal, private, and public clouds
  • It allows multiple analytic functions to work together on the same data at its source, eliminating costly and inefficient data silos
  • It maintains strict enterprise data security, governance, and control across all environments

We are client-driven company with our top priorities placed on attention to detail, quality and performance. Our basic growth philosophy is one of moderation and is based on GRIT with the highest quality of Execution, Innovation and Integrity with no boundary limits. Our basic operating philosophy is to provide our clients with innovative solutions to help them grow, while providing the highest degree of customer service possible. We believe that by providing global direct opportunities to clients, we can help meet your needs to the highest degree

We are committed to developing and or acquiring new technologies that will continuously improve our global capabilities.

    Our Workflow
  • Consultation - We pride ourselves on our ability to mould our solutions to meet the unique needs of each client. Whether it's an existing or custom solution, we have the expertise to tap the proper set of tools to meet your business need.
  • Data Accessibility - We offer services, industry-specific Data Management Platforms (DMPs) that provide you with secure online access to your database. Our DMPs are highly customizable and contain technologies for advanced database segmentation, data analytics, reporting and much more.
  • List Enhancement/ Data Append - We offer B2B Data append solutions to add missing information and intelligence elements onto your database in order to increase business intelligence and segmentation capabilities.
  • Unified Database Creation - We specialize in connecting data silos in order to create a true 360 degree customer view that combines, among other things, online and offline source data/elements. Our expertise in combining global multi-sourced data files, regardless of variances in source formatting, into a unified master database, built to meet your exact specifications, is unrivaled in the industry.
Data Management Services - Key Implementation Outcomes

1. Creation of a Single Record of Record: Known data is unified into a duplicate-free master database containing a single unique record for each asset with attached cross-organizational intelligence metrics.

2. Data Analytics & Reporting: The Analytics technology facilitates the full spectrum of business intelligence and data analysis requirements. Users can analyze numerous elements, and SLA metrics in order to gain insights, inform future requirement methodologies and much more.DigitoWork Analytics technologies also contains an advanced reporting services which includes comprehensive options for additional reporting. Moreover, we regularly work with clients to create custom reports based on specific business needs. Our reporting services offers the ability to create and download both numerical and graphical report renderings, useful for executive presentations.

3. Creation of a 360º Customer/IT Assets View: Ingrained within the usage of any Data Management Platform is the marketers desire to create a true 360º view of all cross-organizational data records within a single platform. Leveraging our benchmark Data Management Services, we specialize in breaking down Data Silos and combining multi-sourced databases into a clean, standardized Master Data Warehouse that can be accessed via and fully leveraged by advanced technologies and frameworks.

4. Custom Data Segment Creation & Exporting: We make it easy for users to gain data-driven insights that inform marketing campaign decision-making from their database. Users can then easily create and export customized data, with user-determined formatting and element inclusion, to meet any purpose, such as:

  • Data export for internal organizational/departmental data analysis.
  • Support data exports, reports and analytics for operational initiatives and continuous improvement projects.